July 9, 2010

MAC Mini Haul

Recently I went through my makeup and made a short list of some of the MAC shadows and things I needed and ended up buying 2 shades I didn't have- but thought I would try out *lol* so here is what I got and my reviews on them.

NC 15 Studio finish concealer (spf 35) : I get this for under my eyes. I have a lot of Native American in me so, it works great for my dark circles. It stays on for a long time also.

Black Tied (velvet) : I have a lot of black shadows but I like the MAC black shadows because they go a long way and stay on longer. This has the perfect amount of shimmer.

Posey Blushcream : I have never tried this color before. I LOVE IT! It looks very natural on my cheeks and of course (in my opinion) all MAC blushcreams are always soft, silky and go on very easy.

Satin Taupe (frost) : LOVE ITTT! I seen this online and wasn't sure if I would like it (on me) but I seen it in person at the mall and really liked it! It is great for going out at night. It gives a dramatic effect on the eyes.

Posey Blushcream
I will be doing a post of looks soon using these colors.

Question of the day: What is your favorite MAC eye shadow?

Thank you for viewing and have a fabulous day!


Ansa said...

Mine is Sable. I have green eyes and it makes them pop. It's perfect with goldmine too. Great post. I have these products and love them. Posey is super pretty. Do you have ladyblush?

LOVEshopaholic said...

satin taupe looks amazing !! cute stuff !!

Hershley's Sweet Kiss said...

that posey is amazing!!

Jay said...

@Ansa- Sable is one of y favs too! I do have ladyblush and I love it!

@LOVEshopaholic- It is real pretty! I was pleased! :)

CGBlogger said...

Lovin' the mini haul!

Jay said...

@Hershley's sweet kiss - Isn't it?! I love it! :)

Ebru said...

Posey is my fave cream blush from MAC, yay! :) I also LOVE Satin Taupe, I don't think there is a single person in this world who doesn't! It's one of the best eyeshadows period! :) Enjoy your new stuff!

misscindee said...

hi Jay. thx for entering my giveaway! =) and congrats with your wedding. it sounds like its gonna be a beautiful.

Kaitlyn said...

posey is so pretty!

Bronze is my favorite MAC eyeshadow.

Café Bellini said...

Very nice! I have both eyeshadows (and about seven palettes full of them because I used to work at MAC). Satin Taupe was actually my very first MAC eyeshadow! Lovely colour.