May 13, 2011

**CLOSED** Sigma Travel brush giveaway.

Sigma Beauty was kind enough to sponsor a giveaway here on my blog for the "Naughty in black" travel brushes! All amazing brushes!  I did a review of this kit (you can view that here .)
This kit is worth $49.00.
This giveaway is international.

  • Must be a follower of my blog.
  • Comment with your name, email, and if you did any of the extra entry options.
  • OPTIONAL x1 extra entry - Follow me on twitter.
  • OPTIONAL x3 extra entries - Blog about this giveaway.
  • OPTIONAL x2 extra entries - Link this giveaway in your side bar with the first image above.
  • Must be 18 or older to enter (or have parents approval) 

This giveaway ends on  June 1st. Good luck and thanks for being a follower! :)


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Monica said...

Name: Monica

Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

carlijn said...

hi, lovely giveaway!
- i follow with gfc
- carlijn, my email is
- i follow you on twitter (@carlijnmossink)


carrie1 said...

Carrie H.

carrie1 said...

I'm a follower. =)

Ms. Prettyful Girl said...

I follow your blog: ms.prettyfulgirl

Name: Lisa M.

I follow you on Twitter: MsPrettyfulGirl (x1)

I put your giveaway on my sidebar: (x2)

Thanks so much for this giveaway. Good luck to all who enter!

Hannah. said...

Name: Hannah
GFC: hannah. (+1)
Optional entry Twitter - Hannah_Paton (+1)

Thanks :)

Glamorous Barbie said...

Lovely giveaway, please enter me.
My name is Courtney Clarke, my email is
I'm following you on Twitter, my username is glambarbiex.

Casa Bella said...

I'm a follower, Jacenda. Nice giveaway!!!

Mallory Taylor said...

Follower through GFC Username Mallory Taylor.

I am following you on Twitter via @mallorytaylorrr.


Thanks for hosting this, Jacenda!

xo -Mallory

Casa Bella said...

Following you on Twitter now. I tweeted about this.

Keisha said...

Keisha ♥

Followed you on Twitter: 263barbie

Blogged about giveaway here:

Love your blog your so beautiful!! (:

loretta said...

hi enter me please!
amazing giveawey!
I follow via GFC-loretta

Harpreet said...

im a follower via gfc as Harpreet.

Inma said...

Enter me pliz!
GFC: Inma
Follow you on Twitter @inmicabis


Tati Abaurre said...

Hi! I'd love to enter your giveaway!
My name is Tatiana Abaurre, GFC TatiAbaurre.


Danielle said...

GFC: Sweet As Honey

Name: Danielle P.

I follow you on Twitter: FrenchGirl20

I put your giveaway on my sidebar:

Thanks for this giveaway.

Mimi said...

I'm a follower via GFC
Camile Flores
I also followed you on twitter :)

CAMILLA said...

im a follower: camilla
i also follow you on twitter: camilla_monique

Sheps said...

Name: Nicola Shepherd
Extra Entries: Following you on Twitter: @NickiShepShep

melanie'clare said...

Great giveaway!
I follow through melanieclarexox

:) xxxx

Power Femme said...

I follow your blog as ThePowerFemme and I also follow you on Twitter
Name: Krystal C.

Hypnotiz3_m3 said...

Great giveaway =)



makeupattitude said...

Hello, enter me please :)
GFC: Makeupattitude
blog sidebar:

Thank you

DIY...Beauty Tips said...

enter me!!!

NICK: DIY...Beauty Tips



Janine aka J-Ezzy @ *La Dolce Vita* said...

apetitediva (at) gmail (dot) com

lovely giveaway!

Diids said...

Lovely giveaway, please enter me.

GFC: Diids

Wendebee said...

Thanks for hosting this giveaway!
I'm a GFC follower...
Wendebee - Wyu1214(at)

Courtney said...


I follow your blog, and your twitter! :)

Thanks for this giveaway, it's a great one!


Cuca said...

I follow the blog via GFC: Cuca

My name is Carolina and my email is:

HeKeLa said...

Hi Missy please enter me ;)
Name: Hekela

Thanks so much for the giveaway! :)

.vmje*MAKEUP said...


thanks <3

buk said...

enter me please!
my nick is buk
my email is
i follow you in twitter: gl0bulina
your giveaway in my blog:

buk said...

enter me please!
my nick is buk
my email is
i follow you in twitter: gl0bulina
your giveaway in my blog:

HeKeLa said...

Hey Jacinda...also posted this on my blog in the sidebar :)

Dragonfly Accessories said...

helloo :)

name :dragonfly accesories (blue picture)
mail adress :

and I put your giveaway on my sidebar:

thank you !!!

Pretty Glitters said...

name:sheila a.
gfc prettyglitters
twitter: @sheilabear07
link at side bar:

Miranda said...

I follow you on twitter:mariahl82

Vida Pinturesca said...

name: vidapinturesca



Monik said...

Name: Monik

Twitter: @monikaretnani

shahtaj said...

Follow through GFC(shahtaj)
Posted on side bar(+2)

Hannah said...

lovely giveaway!

name: hannah
GFC: hannah
i have also blogged about this giveaway


adrianapv88 said...

Wowww, Sigma!!

- Name: Adriana (adrianapv88)
- Email: adrianap88(@)hotmail(.)com


Mona said...

I'm so curious to try these brushes.. everywhere I go I hear/read about them.
gangxta_gurl08[at]yaho o[dot]com

Alexandra said...

Hi please enter me ;)
Name: Alexandra

Damla (Sweepstake Lover) said...

I follow your blog, thank you!

Follow you on twitter:


annabell_lee_dk (at)

esjair1 said...

Enter me
Name: Esther (esjair1)


tinkerbelldani said...

enter me please:

danielle jordan terry
i follow you :)


OverTheMoon said...

I love your blog!! A friend just sent it to me :)

Rachel Moon

Following you on twitter too! @rachmoon

Roc said...

Thank you!! Enter me, please :)

Nick: Roc

Anna said...

I follow your blog and twitter.
Name: Anna Wawrzyniak

Greetings from Denmark! :*

XxInKedxPinUpxX said...

i would love to be entered in this giveway

elizabeth r.

Naliadna said...

I would like to enter =)

Follower: Naliadna
post on my sidebar:

thank you!

Aly7 said...


Hercy said...

GFC: Hercy
Name: Hercy Monroe
email: hercymonroe at yahoo dot com
Follower on Twitter (@hercymonroe)
Linked on my blog's sidebar(

Thank you so much! xox

niki said...

name: niki
follow you on twitter (@nikolettkancsar)

Michelle Xo said...

Name: Michelle K

Thanks :)

Happy Story said...

Follow: Happy Story
posted about this giveaway here:
slidebar here:

Erica J said...

Erica J -
Ima follower on twitter (IamEricaJackson@twitter) & this will also be in my side bar thanx Jacenda (:

Jenn said...

I follow you!
Jenn @

I follow you on twitter!

Erica J said...

hi I decided to blog about your give-a-way as well! thanx!


cOcO said...

Gfc: Red

A touch Of fashion said...

I follow you

Name: Stefania A.


A touch Of fashion said...

Sorry...if you delete my first comment?

I follow you

Name: A touch of fashion (Stefania A.)


Lady K aka Kendra said...

Kendra Silver-

I blogged about your giveaway at

I also posted a link to your giveaway on my side bar- I was not able to link the picture, I don't know how to do that!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Rachel Lee said...

GFC: Rachel Lee
an old follower

KatXoXo said...

Thanks hun!!

collifornia said...

follow on gfc; collifornia
name; colleen
email; holliister at gmail dot com
follow you on twitter; @collifornia

siilenti said...

Im a follower!
Ashley k. siilentii27 at gmail dot com

Sudessa said...

Hi!Enter me please!
i posted here:

I hope to win this kit!Hihi!kisses

Alex. said...

- GFC: Alexandra Stefan
- Twitter: @julietalexy
- email:

evil-she-devil said...

Name: .evil.she.devil.
Email: evil.she.devil.7(AT)

Mie said...


Follow you on twitter: @Truesakura

Posted giveaway on sidebar

Thanks so much for this giveaway ^^ said...

love this giveaway enter me please I follow you my name is victoria gabrielle, email is & i also follow you on twitter my twitter username is @vikki_model

thanks :) xxxx

fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! I'm already a follower via GFC (fisiwoman).
Following on twitter (@Fisigiawa)

Ana Belén R.M

EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog* said...

Please enter me I am a follower of your blog via GFC my GFC name is EllybellybaybeesBeautyBlog*

My email address is

I also follow you on Twitter. My Twitter name is EllyBellyBaybee.

Thank You <3

나니 said...

WOAH! So generous of youuu~

I'm a long time follower through GFC (cause that's how I roll ; D)
Name: Nani
Email: geu.rae.seo[at]

I did a sidebar post on

esjair1 said...

Please enter me!
My name is Esther (esjair1)

Thank you very much.

Forever.His.Infante♥ said...
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Forever.His.Infante♥ said...

Hi, my name is Marisol my email is i follow you under also on twitter under: "DYLANDLENNYLOVE"

I've blogged about your cool giveaway and i have linked your giveaway on my siddebar. Have a wonderful day!

. said...

Lauren O'Reilly

The Girlie Blog said...

Those brushes look exquisite. Here is my entry:

- I am already a follower
- My email:

Thank you!

Autumn Rush said...
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sweet lory said...


i follow you via gfc as sweet lory
on twitter: @sweety_blue

Thank you

Natje_9999 said...

Wow!! I'm definitely in!! I love Sigma and would love to own this amazing set!! Winning this is like, AWESOME!!
My name is Nathalie and you can reach me at
I'm following you at Twitter (@Natje_9999)and posted about this great giveaway, in both English and Dutch, because it's acctually a Dutch blog. You can read my post here: I also added your pic and link to my sidebar, you can also check that with the link I provided you above! :)

I'm keeping my fingers crossed! :)


Mara said...

Im definitely a follower of your blog. This is a beautiful set of brushes. Please enter me.

Camelia Andrasescu said...

I follow you via GFC (Camelia Andrasescu)
I follow you on twitter (@cameliaadriana)
I don't have a blog , but I posted on my FB wall :
Email :
Thank you.

Evelien said...

What a lovely giveaway! ^_^ I follow this blog and I have added you at Twitter (my username is OhFashionNL) xoxo

Carolina Montoya said...

My name is Carolina Montoya
I follow your blog through GFC
Follow you on twitter (@caroo_montoya)
Posted the giveaway on my sidebar

glitteryeyesxx said...

Thank you for doing this giveaway, really sweet of you =)

I've definitely been a follower of your blog for awhile now. I love how you bear an uncanny yet striking resemblance to Angelina Jolie! <3

Raffles Bizarre said...

Hi I'd love to enter :D
Jess Heath


Melody of Beauty said...

Hey dear! Me again, hopefully this time I win, haha :)

I'm a follower of yours, under the name Melody of Beauty, I even have a blog!

Melody of Beauty said...

I follow you on twitter, under the name Melody of Beauty & I tweeted about your giveaway!/MelodyofBeauty!
I mentioned your name and blog!

Melody of Beauty said...

I made a blog post about ur giveaway so go check it out here :

Melody of Beauty said...

I hope I win, just because I don't have any quality brushes, and I think this kit is perfect for start!

Melody of Beauty said...

I think it's generous that you give this kind of giveaway and really good luck to all the girls!

Melody of Beauty said...

And not to forget .. i link ur giveaway in my sidebar and put the first picture and now everybody who follows me can see it and enter!

Melody of Beauty said...

And I forgot to give my email

StealMyHeartLove said...

I'm a follower.
I follow you on twiiter. @StealMyHeartLve

Thanks for the giveaway. x

Harija said...

Thanks for the lovely giveaway and my GFC name is Harija and my email is

Good luck to everyone =)

CHarmonee said...

Name: Charm
Email: chaotikharmonee
Must be a follower of my blog.

OPTIONAL x1 extra entry - Follow me on twitter.
Twitter Name: CHarmonee

OPTIONAL x2 extra entries - Link this giveaway in your side bar with the first image above.

Chellorz said...

Really great giveaway enter me please! :]

GFC: Chellorz
Email: Chellorzz[at]yahoo[dot]ie

Joyce del Pilar said...

That is an awesome giveaway! I'm Joyce del Pilar and my email is Followed you on twitter already! :)

Hercy said...

A follower of course!:D
Name: Hercy
email: hercymonroe at yahoo dot com

Follower on Twitter! (@hercymonroe)

Linked it on my sidebar! (

Anna Luisa said...

Hi! I follow you though GFC. :)

Name: Anna Luisa

I'm also a follower in twitter (@annaluisaluvsu) and your giveaway is on my sidebar:

Thanks! :)

CutieCocoChanel said...

Please Enter me :)
I follow Via GFC:CutieCocoChanel
Email: cutegal_chanel[at]hotmail[dot]co[dot]uk

Im a follower on twitter : @cutiecocochanel


CYBELLE said...

Enter me please!!!
I'm following via GFC as CYBELLE

Crystal Luvz said...

Great giveaway!! Always wanted to try these brushes!
Name: Jenny
Email: crystal_luvz (at) hotmail (dot) com
Sidebar post:

Thank you!!

LifeLover said...

Congrats for this giveaway, I really would like to win this, I am blogging about this contest.



I am following you in blogspot as LifeLover.


Jusme-Kamilionaire said...

Name: Jusme Kamil
Twitter: @MOB_Darling

Syaza Aiman said...

Thank you for this lovely giveaway :)

I'm your GFC syaza aiman and my email:

I followed you on twitter @jungcaja,
and I blog this giveaway and also placed the giveaway on the sidebar, here

Deia said...

Hello:* I'm Deia.
I'm a GFC follower with the same name, and I posted:
my email's

morphine said...


jEniB❤ said...

plz enter me..^^..

Name: Jenny
GFC: jEniB

jEniB❤ said...
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jEniB❤ said...

GFC: jEniB

sidebar post @:

thank you for hosting such an awesome giveaway..^^..

meteoryta said...

Great giveaway!

Thank you!!

Hannah. said...

my comment was lost! :(
I follow via GFC - hannah. (+1)
I follow on twitter as Hannah_Paton (+1)
email -

Thanks xxx

MyLifeAsLiss said...

Love it!
I'm in! :-)



Sishoba said...

Hi, sweet giveaway!
I follow you @ GFC.
name : Anouk
mail :

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

thanks for the giveaway dear ;D

already follow
GFC: Sarah Mar'atul Azizah
name: Sarah
x1 follow and tweet:!/azhezha/status/69355484230070272
x2 sidebar:

Thaisa Cristine said...

So lovely

name: Thaisa Santos
GFC: Thaisa Santos


Sasa said...

enter me please ! My name is SasaSkocir blog: Mrssashee, email:

Nosponemosguapas said...

Please enter me! :D
My name is Nadine (Nosponemosguapas)

I didn't do any optional extra entry


Gina said...

Great giveaway!

I'm a follower GFC: Gina
Follow you on Twitter: GinaVlahandrea
Name: Gina


Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover said...

Awesome!! :D

GFC : Stavroula @drugstoreandbargainlover
E-mail :
Twitter: @DrugstoreBLover
I also posted about it here :

Thank you doll :) x

Amy said...


I do follow you on Twitter.
My ID: Purrceptivevxxn

Posted on my sidebar

Blog Post:


Rachael's Blog said...

WOW what a great giveaway. I have been wanting to try Sigma brushes but I dont have the money. I have been unemployed for almost 3 years, and I am a full time student.

I do follow you on twitter, and I subscribe to your blog. I retweeted this as well. I dont know how to link it to my blog... but if I can figure it out I will do that as well. Thanks!!


Sunshine_me009 said...


GFC : Sunshine_me009
Twitter : @sunshine_me009
Email :


Kristina said...

Name: Kristina
Twitter: krunnil
Blog post:

Thanks for another great giveaway! Gah, I NEED new brushes and I want Sigma brushes. :)

sunshine said...

GFC: sunshine
I posted here:

Kristina Pavlicek said...

name: Kristina Pavlicek
following on twitter: KristinaSuee
Blog Entry:
Linked to my blog:

Kathy said...

Name: Sonya Le
gfc: Kathyright
twitter: SOnyale123
Linked to blog:

thanks for the giveaway :)

Em said...

GFC follower (Em)

Name: Em
Email Add:

Followed you on twitter (@emxue)

Blogged about this giveaway:

Linked this giveaway in sidebar:

Sarah said...

1. I followed you via google friends

2. and added a sidebar image link to your giveaway! Thanks!

Sarah - codesarah *AT*

Erica J said...

Boo I did this the other day and it got deleted!
Follower on twitter (IamEricaJackson@twitter)
Blogged about it
and I also linked in my sidebar!
thanx for the give-a-way Jacenda!

Random Somethings said...

Jasmin and my email is

MissShiv said...

Great giveaway!

GFC: MissShiv
Follow you on Twitter as: MissShivX
Linked image in sidebar:


JoannaL said...

1. GFC Name: JoannaL

- Email: e.andreatorishaye at

2. Twitter Name: joaeshaye

Mary Jo said...

Hi sweety!! Thank you for this opportunity to get the Sigma´s brushes!!

I follow you here as: Mary Jo
In twitter as: luna_81

I linked the giveaway in "Sorteos" flap (is tidy chronological):

A big kiss from Spain!!

Lori said...

I would love these Sigma brushes, thanks for the giveaway! My name is Lori and my e-mail is

ellyalwaysloves said...

I am following your blog and on twitter!

My email is littlehandsofmine@yahoo dot com dot au

Lindsie Lee ♥ said...

I am a followerer ♥
Lindsie -
Extra Entries
x I follow you on twitter
x I blogged about this giveaway
x It is linked in my sidebar

aMz88 said...

I Blogged about this:

and posted a Link Picture on my left column

i so love sigma xoxo

Vanessa said...

What an awesome giveaway!
My name is Vanessa. And, my e-mail is

I also put a link on my blog:)

Irie Children said...

I am a follower of your blog =]

Sarah H.

Adilac said...

lcalida at

Thanks :)

Helga said...


GFC follower: helga
Follow you on Twitter as:@helganagy

Thank you! :)

ThanPink11 said...

Name: ThanPink11

Thanks for an amazing giveaway!!

Dinorah ♥ said...

Yay!! Thanks for the giveaway!

Name: Dinorah

I linked your giveaway in my sidebar <3

Bec said...

Enter me please! I follow your blog via GFC as Bec.

I follow you on twitter too. My twitter id: @wednesdei


amelia_davies said...

Hi, thanks for the great giveaway - please enter me for two entries as I am following you on twitter as well as GFC (@suunny_sideup)
Thanks very much xx

Kim said...

I am a follower of blog.

kim j.

kajohnson22 (aT) gmail (dot) com

Spin said...

I hear such good things about these brushes!
GFC: Spin
I follow on twitter: @gspinelli89

Beauty Addict said...

Thank you for the opportunity! I'd love to try Sigma Brushes!!

GFC: Beauty Addict
Twitter: @beautyholicblog


thtgurl said...

Enter me please! I'm already a follower via GFC thtgurl

Charlene said...

GFC: Charlene
Twitter: @acosmeticaffair

Cuca said...

What a great giveaway! :))

GFC name: Cuca

Rinny said...

Thanks for the great giveaway! I'd like to enter please :)

GFC: Rinny
Email: eva_s_151[at]yahoo[dot]com

neta said...

This looks really nice :) Enter me please :) my name is Neta, I follow your blog under the name _19_ and my email is

Gabriela said...

I love Sigma :)

Elenusqui said...

Enter me please!love this giveaway!
GFC: Elenusqui


Ines said...

i LOVE this giveaway
i have no brushes, but I would really like them long.

sorry for my bad english

Xxx Ines

doll said...

thanks for this giveaway!
dollphat at gmail dot com
GFC - doll phat
i follow you on twitter - dollphat
here's my blogpost -
and the pic is in my side bar!

Jess said...


raisa said...

i'm following via GFC as raisa

mi... said...

enter me please :D
follower: mi...

Luciole said...


Enter me please (:

I'm a follower : Luciole
Jessica SHUN,, 20 yo
Optional x3 extra entries - blog about this giveaway :
Optional x2 extra entries sidebar :

Xoxo, luciole

beautyymonsterr said...

<3 thnx for the giveaway <3

linked giveaway on side bar

follow if youd like please :)

Neeva Marie B. said...

Im not sure if you got my comment entry so I'll do it again >.<

Geneva Marie, email:

And did
# OPTIONAL x1 extra entry - Follow me on twitter.
# OPTIONAL x3 extra entries - Blog about this giveaway.


hipnhaute said...

OoOoH I would really love to win some Sigma brushes...
I am a follower of your blog!
GFC name: Sarah Cook
Name: Sarah Cook
Email: sarahellencook [at] gmail [dot] com

Optional x 1 extra entry - twitter follower (I am @hipandhaute)

Optional x 2 extra entries - link giveaway on my blog side bar (my site is )

Bonnie C. said...

Hello! Thanks so much for having this giveaway, the brushes look great!

I follow your blog through google friends as "Bonnie C."

My name is Bonnie C. (I can give you my full last name privately if you need it) :-)

My email is missbonniebelle(at)gmail(dot)com

I follow you on twitter as "missbonniebelle"

Thanks again so much, and I hope you have a great day! :-)

manix said...

i follow u as shadow_alley_cat, my email is, and i follow u on twitter as manix_linu

Liz said...


I have 2 Sigma brushes now and I love them and could really use some more, so please enter me in your giveaway.

GFC: Liis Mitt
twitter: siilu
name: Liis Mitt
email: neetudsaatus(at)gmail(dot)com
I didn't do a blogpost or sidebar about your blog, but maybe you want to check it out anyway:

Burcin said...

gfc: Burcin
email: burcin.cevik.bir at gmail dot com
twitter: Burcidi


descude said...

Congrats for the giveaway
I posted here:

Wanna said...


Your giveaway is awesome!! I've heard so much about Sigma brushes. I would love to have this kit!

Name: Oana Guta
I linked your giveaway on my side bar blog here:
Thank you!

Ade said...

enterm me!
gfc:ade c.

Aya said...

Thanks for this dear!

I wanna join :D
Name: Aya (follower via GFC)

Extra Entries
- Following you on Twitter (@CodenameAYA)
- Posted your giveaway on my sidebar (

Heri Carvalho said...

name: Heri Carvalho

I'm following on twitter (@Heri_)
Linked on my sidebar (


Beatriz Valdés said...

Great giveaway!
Name: beatriz valdés


MaviDeniz said...

awesome giveaway! i would love to win this since i don't have any sigma brushes.

posted giveaway in sidebar at

MeryyD said...

Nick: MeryyD
Also i follow you on twitter as: @Meryydg
I publiqued this giveaway on my sidebar:

Tolmu said...

I follow you via gfc as Tolmu Rull.
On twitter: (at) tolmurullike
e-mail: tolmurullike (at) gmail (dot)com


bambaki83 said...

Hi from Spain!!

Enter me please ^_^

GFC name: bambaki83
Email: mimica69(at)hotmail(dot)com

I follow u on twitter as @bambaki83 (Miriam Rivas)


FUCK YOU! said...

Please enter me!

I'm a follower of your blog!

mariana said...

Enter me please!
I follow you via GFC as mariana
1 Entry.Also I follow you on twitter as@sorana1965
I love much Sigma Brush but i i have not theese brushes
Thanks for this opportunity to getthe Sigma Brushes!!!!
Sorry for my bad englesh

Erika said...


-already a follower

-Follower on Twitter!/EkaLovezMakeup

-i blogged about your giveaway

-Have your giveaway linked on my sidebar

Abhishek Duggal said...

I follow via GFC!

Thanks for the opportunity!

Name: Abhishek Duggal

forsurveysonly at gmail dot com

SecretGarden said...

Followed your blog Name GFC : SecretGarden
E-mail :
Followed on twitter :!/Chingyee11
Blog about this giveaway :
Link this in side bar :

Love this giveaway!! Thank you for the opportunity~ xoxo

Little Princess said...

Enter me!
I following you on GFC as Little Princess
I posted here:

I posted on sidebar:

My name is Zurbagiu Miruna

Mrs.Mommy said...

Hi i am entering your contest i am currently following you on your blog and twitter. i had sigma brushes and i absolutely loved them but unfortunately when my home caught fire i lost everything . this was 2 years ago so Ive been beauty blogging recently and i have a set of MAC brushes but there not the same as the quality i had in the sigma brushes.

Twitter Name is : shezuhbadmilf
and my email is

i linked your giveaway in my twitter and also my facebook ( i know u dont have that listed but i did it )

Adinapup said...

Hello, sweetie ;)
I follow you via GFC : Adinapup

x3 extra entries : I blogged about the giveaway here:

x2 extra entries : I linked in my side bar on my blog : (bellow my Followers list)

That means 6 entries for me.
Thanks 4 the opportunity!!

miz emma said...

please enter me!

i think my gfc is miz emma
(dont know what gfc means)


Anytza said...

Please enter me
I am a follower of your blog via GFC my GFC name is ana
My email address is

Marta said...

Hi, my name is Marta Jejina and I follow your blog via GFC: Marta
my e-mail:

and I follow you on twitter, my username: MojSvet

this is a great giveaway, thanks for having it ;)

Ade said...

enter me!
gfc:ade c.

Gift Princess said...

I would die if I have this!!!! Dying to have quality brushes!

G.F.C.: Gift Princess Goden
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BMaryo said...

Hi! Enter me! I'm folowing you with the name BMaryo.My e-mail is:

jEniB❤ said...

GFC: jEniB


jEniB❤ said...

sorry, i had to repost the giveaway as my old page disappeared in blogger for no reason =(

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