September 28, 2013

Lifestyle | Fall Fun

Fall is not only gorgeous, but a lot of fun too! We went to this festival last year and had a lot of fun, so we decided to go again this year and had just as much fun... fun, fun ,fun. ;)

This festival is located way out in the country in a cornfield. There is music, shows, wine, really yummy food and cute tents with a lot of neat handmade and homemade things. 

I thought I would share some pictures on the blog today.

The weather has been gorgeous!

We just couldn't pass up an apple dumpling! :P

We picked up a few things from some of the shops / local farms. We love homemade & handmade goodies!
Wine, pear butter, maple syrup ( we bought some last year and had to get more), mixed dried berries, puppy treats (can't forget our buddies) and a bunch of flavored teas. (Not shown) I also got a handmade flower arrangement to put up on my mantel.

Are you enjoying your Fall so far? 
Thank you for viewing!


Catherine Mona said...

I wish I lived somewhere that pretty & green! Loved the photos, looks like you had a lot of fun ♡

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@CatherineMona - Fall is gorgeous in Pa. Thank you love, it was a blast! I hope you are enjoying Fall so far! I was raised on the weat coast where you are and I miss it. Xx

Ami said...

Your photos are all lovely. I too long for weather like this! I wish e had events like that over here! (Maybe we do and I just haven't discovered them yet).

Erawiel said...

I saw a bottle of pure maple syrup. My heart is sold. : DD
Can you go apple picking where you live?
Can't wait until all the leaves are colourful either, isn't it just the most beautiful part of the whole year? :)

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Ami- Thank you so much! :) Where you from? Xx

Erawiel - lol Maple syrup is so good isn't it? It is!! Fall is just gorgeous! You can go apple picking at an apple orchard right up the road from me. There is a berry farm also. Where are you from?