January 8, 2014


I received some emails and tweets about my Muji cases after I did my makeup storage and  beauty space post. Just questions like "What products can you fit inside" etc. I thought I would do a quick post about them and show a little more of what goes inside...tray sizes etc. You can also go to their website Muji.usa and they have info and pictures there along with a lot of other cases.

I have had these cases for a long while now and they have held up really well for me. I haven't had any problems with them. 

The top 2 larger drawer case is $25.25(US) and the 5 drawer case is $27.95(US) I originally purchased the top larger 2 drawers to store my favorite foundations, but I ended up just placing them on the top. Muji now has a large 1 drawer for larger  foundation bottles. The top of the 2 large drawers folds up for easy access (I never use this).

I keep my most used makeup in these drawers. I am able to fill them up quite a bit. I can fit 24 MAC lipsticks, 24 Lip glosses, 9 Mac blushes, Mascara, eyeliners, my naked pallets, eye shadows, powders, concealers, and bronzers. 

You can visit the Muji website to purchase or for more info.

I am doing some decorating in my office / beauty space and thought it would be fun to do an updated blog post .... Coming soon!

Thank you for viewing!


SheerBeauty (Kayla) said...

Great post, I'm thinking of getting something like this :)


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@SheerBeauty- Hi Kayla! :) Thank you! They work great for organizing your makeup. Xx

Natalie Vanheers said...

This looks so handy! I have a small silimar case to store my everydays!


Emma said...

As soon as I get home I'm buying the muji clear storage, it's been a long time coming!



Jacquelyn said...

I love MUJI's acrylic drawers!! I own four of them so far and plan to order the 2 drawer one for my Sugarpill Pigments as well as for my MAC pigments soon.