March 7, 2014


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20 white tulip hanging lantern string light wedding lantern party fairy light  bedroom floral display on Etsy, $17.89 AUD

How to find inspiration in the everyday.

Spinach Shots from in the Little Red House




Stephanie B said...

I love the lanterns in the first few pics!

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@stephanie - Aren't they gorgeous!? Love candles! Xx

Natalie Ann said...

I absolutely love your style!! So beautiful & classy! I would LOVE if one day you could start making YouTube videos! I'm certain so many girls would be inspired!

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@Natalie- Thank you so much! That is such a sweet compliment. I appreciate that very much!<3 I am hopefully going to be doing YouTube videos soon. Xx