May 3, 2014

Sponsored | Pro Storage Equipment for Your Home Salon

Pro Storage Equipment for Your Home Salon.

Though your new salon might be based in your home, you want it to be taken seriously. You’re a capable professional, who’s been trained and just waiting for the right time to branch out on your own. And though decorating, being friendly and offering great service will definitely draw people into your salon, you need professional equipment to show them that your new place is just as good as one that’s not in a home.

From professional makeup cases to airbrush makeup kits to portable shampoo bowls, The Salon Outlet can help you make your dining room salon feel like the swankiest place in the city. You can show your customers just how serious you are with serious salon equipment.

When you walk into a salon, there are certain things you look for that indicate the cleanliness, safety and downright professionalism of a place. You look for sterilization equipment and other cleaning equipment, especially in nail salons. In hair salons, you check for hair to have been swept off the floor and shampoo bowls. Anywhere that does makeup, you check for large rolling carts that organize all of their beauty products.

 Having things like this in your home salon signals that you take your customers safety and health seriously. As a beauty professional, you know that when sharing beauty equipment, you can’t take cleanliness and sterilization too seriously. With rolling carts to keep products organized, sterilizers for towels and instruments, soaking equipment for hair care tools and shampoo bowls for washing and treating client’s hair, your customers will feel just how much you care about their health and about maintaining a professional salon. In home salons can sometimes get bad raps, but anyone who runs one knows that pro equipment will make it into a fully functional getaway.

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