June 26, 2014



I have decided to bring back the monthly favorites! This time around though, I would like to include more than just beauty and fragrance. I'll jump right into it- these are my favorites that I have been loving for the month of June. 

"Garden Party" is a pretty floral smelling candle from Bath & Body Works.

Honey Bunches of Oats is my favorite cereal. Then they went and added mixed berry Greek yogurt bites with it and made it even more amazing.  I mix this with some vanilla almond milk. New favorite!

Only 100 Cal. Tastes great! These come in packs of 6 (I'm pretty sure). I get the strawberry and vanilla bean assortment pack. When I get those sweet pregnancy cravings, these help save me from eating something I will regret later (like cupcakes haha).



Yes, I am impatient. Waiting to hear the baby's heartbeat (for like 10 seconds) every 4 weeks was to long for me to have to wait. haha...so I decided to purchase my own Fetal doppler. It works great if anyone is interested in purchasing one. I got mine for $40 off of ebay. It comes with the jelly and batteries. 

"What to Expect" is a great pregnancy app. It keeps track of how far along you are and how long you have to go in your pregnancy. It also gives you information about your baby and your body's progress each week.

If you like to customize your phone wallpaper-"Cuptakes" is a stylish wallpaper app for the Iphone. Each month new wallpapers/calendars are added. They also make cases to match your wallpaper.

I hope you enjoyed reading!
What were some of your favorites this month?



great products! :)


Erica Jackson said...

i was going to talk about how much i have been loving coconut scents from bbw too (the oahu coconut scent is to die for) but OMFG your pregnant?!?!?!?! i am so excited for you! i was in pittsburgh a couple of weeks ago and thought of you haha! my dad and i just decided to go a couple minutes before we actually left but i should have gotten some recommendations on where to eat/go from yah- next time! anyways i cant wait to read more about your pregnancy -sending prayers and good vibes your way!- <3 erica

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Erica, you are always the sweetest! <3 Thank you so much! We need to exchange phone numbers and the next time you are in Pittsburgh we can have lunch or dinner.
I hope you are enjoying your summer! I love your videos!! Xx

Caroline linella said...

I would love to try the eos shaving cream. Those China Glaze polishes are really pretty. Congrats on being pregnant!

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@Caroline- Thank you love! Let me know how you liked the eos shaving cream( if you try it)! Xx

Pink Glam said...

I just got that Eos the other day. Loved it! except my pump is so slow at getting each pump? is that normal? I want to find those wipes :) those look great

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@pinkGlam-Yes! My pump does the same thing! I Thought it was just mine too! lol