July 11, 2014


I love the Nars multiples. I just recently purchased Copacabana from Sephora. Sometimes highlighters can be too metallic and unreal looking. This one will if you apply to heavy - a small amount goes a long way. Copacabana is  most flattering on light skin tones, but I feel if you were to apply lightly on warmer or darker skin tones, it will look beautiful also.  

I applied heavy in the picture as an example.

It is a soft, creamy texture that gives a beautiful glow on the skin. I use both my fingers and a brush to apply. There is a slight shimmer, so if you do not like that, then is not the highlighter for you. Nars multiples are $39(US) dollars, but I have had my multiples for going on 2 years, so they do last a long while. 


Caroline linella said...

I love highlighters. This is really pretty! I can see how you only need a small amount. Thank you for the review.

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@Caroline- Yes, you only need a little bit, but that is why they last so long. You get a lot of product for the price too. Thank you for viewing! Xx

Elaine said...