August 1, 2014


Happy August! Can you believe it is already August??? I can't! 
I have been so focused on everything going on with the pregnancy and work, that it just seems like July came and went so fast.

The whole month of July I was obsessed with trying new blushes and highlighters - as you can see from my group of products.

I wanted to incorporate more than just beauty (snacks,apps, etc. ) but really, I have just been craving fruit and water...really anything cold. I didn't have much time for anything else.

I have done reviews on a few of my favs this time around, so you can look back on those posts if you are interested, but here were my favorite products for the month of July! 

I have had this polish for a while now, but have been loving this color lately. Essie - Bikini so teeny. Great summer polish!

I did a post about this blush not to long ago, along with the Candlelight Glow highlighter by Too Faced cosmetics. I just love it! It is perfect for summer looks.

Fleur Power by MAC is a peachy pink, coral blush. This color is really flattering with my skin tone. I can't get enough of this color lately.

Everyone has been talking about the Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks. I love Bobbi Brown products, have for a long while now. These shimmer bricks are GORGEOUS!  I purchased the beige shimmer brick and recommend everyone to try it! 

I did a review on the Nars Copacabana multiple in the previous post. I am so glad I purchased this one. I am a big fan of the multiples. 

"Sky" is a summer body mist from Bath & Body Works. I love clean smelling body sprays, and have been spraying this after I get out of the shower. I love that it is a light scent. Being pregnant, your sense of smell is a lot stronger, so I have been staying away from any powerful smelling fragrances lately to avoid getting a headache.

I have been getting asked about the lipstick in my profile image. It is Nars "Volga".
This is a Matte lipstick. It is a dark berry shade. I am also wearing the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick as my highlight.

My sweetheart bought me a Marilyn Monroe Photo of her doing her makeup at her vanity. I hung it above my vanity and think it goes so nicely up there. I have other b&w photos of Marilyn around my beauty room, so it goes perfect.

It was really cool of Vanity Girl Hollywood to feature my beauty space photo on their instagram. They also had some really sweet things to say about me. It made my day to see all of the likes and kind comments people were leaving on the photo post. Thank you Vanity Girl! I have used my Vanity Girl every day for over 3 years now, I love it!

I got a few more things from Pink Blush Maternity, and recommend them to all of the moms- to- be.
I got a pair of maternity cropped jeans and another maxi dress. Their prices are so affordable and the quality is outstanding. Everything I have gotten so far has been so comfortable.  There is a sale going on right now too, if anyone wants to get in on it.

I hope you enjoyed my July favorites!
What were you loving in July?


Caroline linella said...

You look beautiful! I am drooling over your room. Have you found out if you are having a boy or girl yet?

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@caroline Linella- Thank you so much! :) Haven't found out the sex yet, but we go the 12th. Sooo excited! Xx

Sylwia P. said...

Love all of the products and you look absolutely stunning with that lippy on, wow!
Enjoy your weekend!

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@Sylwia- Thank you girlie!!! <3 Have a wonderful weekend!! Xx

Emma said...

Fleur Power is my all time favourite blush, such a fail safe! Great favourites :)


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@Emma- It really is! :) Thank you for viewing love! Xx

Imani Nikkol said...

yeah I can't believe it's already August !
Love that shimmer brick though !!