March 12, 2015


I love a good everyday highlighter, which I'm sure is no surprise if you follow this blog. I am always trying new highlighters (especially around this time of year). I have a few "first impression" posts coming at a later date. Today though, I thought I would share a few of my top highlighters. If you have favorite highlighter please share in the comments.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Braick [ Beige ]-

I pruchased a few Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks last spring. It was love at first sight, and it was like I had to collect them all. My favorite is obviously the, beige shimmer brick. I normally use this as a blush/highlighter in one, but you can also use these bricks as eyeshadows.

I have fair/medium tone skin and this fits me so well. It gives me a subtle gold dewy shine. I use this product to highlight the tops of my cheeks after contouring, to the inner corners of my eyes, and the middle T of my forehead. These shimmer bricks last forever too, so they are well worth the price tag.

Nars Copacabana Multiple- 

I love the Nars multiples. I purchased Copacabana from Sephora last summer as well. Sometimes highlighters can be too metallic and unreal looking. This one will if you apply to heavy - a small amount goes a long way. Copacabana is  most flattering on light/medium skin tones, but I feel if you were to apply lightly on warmer or darker skin tones, it will look beautiful also.  It is a soft and creamy texture that gives such a beautiful glow. I use both my fingers and a brush to apply. There is a slight shimmer, so if you do not like that, then is not the highlighter for you. 

MAC Soft and Gentle -

Soft and Gentle is a very popular highlighter, and for good reason. I love this on my skin tone, it gives me a beautiful subtle glow. I've been using this highighter for over two years now and just recently had to purchase a new one. It is perfect for spring/summer. I cannot recommend this enough and I have received so many compliments.  

What are your top highlighters?


Caroline linella said...

The shimmer brick looks gorgeous! Must have it in my life! Great post.

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Thanks so much! You will love them! Xx