March 8, 2015


We are finally seeing some sunny spring like weather here in Pittsburgh, and I couldn't be happier. I am really looking forward to doing more activities and workouts outdoors again. If it was just me I wouldn't mind going for a jog outside, but now I have an infant, and I really didn't want him outside in the cold weather so much. 

I stayed pretty active while I was pregnant, but I couldn't do as hard of a workout as I was used to before I was pregnant. Now that I am 2 months postpartum and my doctor gave me the OK to start running again. I am really looking forward to getting back to that. 

Having a new baby around the house and getting back to work can be exhausting, let alone finding time (and energy) for a workout. Right mamas??? Fitness is very important to me though, so I always try and make time and find ways to stay inspired.

Everyone has their own way of staying inspired to workout and stay healthy, here are mine.

I make up detox waters the night before my workout , and let them sit in the fridge overnight. These are so yummy and refreshing to have during a workout. My favorites are: Strawberry, lemon and blueberries +  lemon and cucumber. You can add mint also. Oranges and blueberries is another favorite.

Starting off the morning with a healthy breakfast always inspires me to jump right into a workout.

I love reading fitness and health magazines. They are great for finding new workouts and new yummy meal / snack ideas. Pinterest is another great way to find these things also.

Good music can get anyone inspired to workout. I love using the Pandora radio app. Here are some secret workout stations for whatever mood you are in: 80's Cardio,  Alternative endurance training, Classic rock power workout, Country fitness, Dance cardio, Electronic cardio,  Hard rock strength training, Pop and hip hop power workout, Pop fitness, Rap strength training, Yoga, Yoga workout.

I know that when I invest in a nice pair of running shoes or good quality workout attire it always inspires me to workout. I like to buy new workout attire when I hit a goal. It helps me to keep going. I have really been loving VS Sport and Fabletics. 

What inspires you to want to workout and stay healthy? 



Great tips :)

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@ANDYSTYLE- Thank you love! Xx

Caroline linella said...

Great post! Shopping for new clothes always gives me a push in the right direction. Your waters look delicious!

Jacenda LeeAnn said...

@caroline- Totally agree! :) Xx